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We make your freight world a whole lot smaller. Simplify and save on international freight shipping services. With Focus West, you can ship to anywhere in the world with confidence.

Worry Free Shipping

We’ve got you covered every step of the way. We’ll help you navigate the complex freight packaging requirements, taxes, duties, and required documentation that accompany all international shipments. We assist with the import and export of any goods, from the initial quote and document preparation to tracking and delivery to the final destination.

We’re Trusted Globally

Our trusted international freight forwarder partners offer a flexible array of international shipping options, including door-to-door service to many major cities worldwide or standard door-to-airport or door-to-port service to almost any international destination, all at the best prices available.

Save on Shipping Costs

Our pricing is highly competitive and we provide the care to all packages and loads that customer need and should expect. We provide our customers with complete innovative logistics solutions utilizing the newest technologies to streamline various logistic operations and bringing savings to you the customer.

Leave The Details To Us

With every delivery we handle, we attach the same level of importance to your shipment as if it were our own. Let us prove to you that we are a freight shipping company that you can trust when you need to find affordable shipping rates and comprehensive delivery services—every time.
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