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Fill The Ambulance Campaign

The Annual Kimz Angels “Fill The Ambulance Campaign” hosted by Focus West Logistics is proud to say that we’ve had a record breaking turnout this year.

During a year of hardship and uncertainty, we—as a community, came together and helped over a 100 families. Over $6,300 in cash donations and $7,000 in gift card donations was raised, bringing us to just shy of total $14,000 raised that will be going towards members of our community.

A huge thank you to Kimz Angels and all the volunteers that came together over the weekend to support a great cause.

Thank you to all that took time out of your busy days to support our drive- thru food/toy drive during this difficult time with donations. We couldn’t be happier. Stay safe and happy holidays.


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About Kimz Angels

KIMZ ANGELS works with local schools, churches, and shelters to help people in need. Despite being one of the wealthiest Provinces in the country, 10.7 percent of the population lives in poverty. British Columbia Government has no poverty reduction plan even as we reach epic levels of homelessness in British Columbia. Kimz Angels is made up of many individuals who have come together for the purpose of making a difference in our communities. Many businesses have supported and continue to support us and share our belief that together we can make a difference.


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