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    Different Types Of Freight

    Shipping is a complicated process.

    There are different types of freight services for every budget and need.

    Our team at Focus West Logistics can help you determine which one will be best suited to meet your specific cargo requirements so that there's no challenge on the road ahead!

    Some of the different types of freight options available include:


    Less-than Truckload

    Less than truckload Freight

    Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight shipping is used when smaller cargo does not require the use of an entire truck trailer. This method of shipping makes up a significant portion of B2B shipping in North America.

    Less than truckload (LTL) freight shipping is the perfect solution for businesses who want to save money and time. As an economical approach, LTL freight shipping allows you combine your freight with other companies into one truckload, instead of having to pay for the cost of using the entire truckload.

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    Full truckload Freight

    When you need your freight shipment delivered ASAP, Full truckload (FTL) is the way to go. Full truckload (FTL) freight shipping uses the entire space available in the truck load to carry the freight directly from one shipper to one location.

    This type of freight shipping works best for high volume shipments or shipments with additional cargo requirements, as well as cargo shipments that need to arrive at their destination sooner.

    Most widely used trailers for FTL shipments are dry vans and flatbeds, but there could be special circumstances regarding your freight that should be examined by a logistics expert like Focus West Logistics.

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    Intermodal Rail Freight

    Intermodal rail freight shipping involves the combination of transportation by rail (train) and truck. Almost always, a rail shipment will need the help of a truck. The truck takes the freight from the rail hub to its final destination.

    Compared to shipping by truck, shipping by train can save you both time and money. Intermodal Rail service can be a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for shipping high volume containers or bulk hazardous materials.

    Cargo can also be shipped to most places in North America thanks to the extensive railroad systems throughout Canada and the United States.

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    Air Freight

    Air freight shipping is the best option for those who need their shipment delivered fast. Our carriers can handle packages of all sizes and deliver the shipment as fast as possible. Air freight shipping often is higher priced than other types of ground transportation but with faster delivery times —It is simply the best option available for shipping time sensitive and urgent deadlines.

    Just because you need a package delivered as soon as possible, doesn’t mean you need to go over budget. Let our trained professionals at Focus West Logistics source the best routing and pricing to ease the burden of your shipment.

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    Shipping Cargo to Canada via Ocean Freight services

    Ocean Freight

    The most cost-effective solution for shipping freight around the globe is to use ocean freight. Shipping freight across the Ocean accounts for up to 90% of all shipments globally.

    Ocean Freight offers a selection of different transit times and container types. You can ship a full container loads (FCL) or less than container loads (LCL) and enjoy the lowest possible shipping expenditures.

    Focus West Logistics team of shipping specialists has years of experience that help assist in all types of freight and international supply chain management services.

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    Expedited Freight / Hotshot

    (Same-day) Shipments

    Expedited freight, also known as hotshot services, allow for different types of freight to be delivered at a high-speed. Our hotshot services allow for freight to be delivered on the same day.

    All expedited transportation methods are handled exclusively by a trusted shipping partner that is contracted and obligated to meet your specific delivery deadline.

    If you’re in a pinch, or your customers are in desperate need of product; a Hotshot service is your freight solution.


    Hazmat Freight

    Shipping Dangerous Goods

    If your business depends on receiving or shipping dangerous goods, we have carriers in our network with the experience to handle your needs. Our carriers have all the placards required for the safe transportation of your goods.

    Hazmat shipping services require highly-trained people, equipment and technology to perform this specialized shipping to the exacting standards that are mandated by law. Our security procedures are extensive and are regularly reviewed and updated, and we work with law enforcement in Canada and other countries to ensure the safety and security of your goods and the public.

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    Different Types Of Freight

    There are 4 main methods of cargo transportation. The most common method is via land / road transport, followed by train (intermodal) transportation, and air and ocean service. Most transport methods rely on moving containers via a wide-variety of truck and trailer.

    Generally LTL (less than truckload) freight service is the most common method.

    LTL freight shipping allows you combine your freight with other companies into one truckload, instead of having to pay for the price of using the entire truckload.

    The LTL freight transport method is the most cost-efficient, reliable and timely service since you have an identical truck to your LTL shipment.

    If you are interested in our freight services, please contact Focus West Logistics at 1-888-214-3428 or use our free shipping quote form.


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