Full Truckload (FTL)

Full Truckload

What is Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping?

Truckload or Full Truckload (FTL) is a mode of freight for larger shipments that usually weigh up to 90,000 pounds, and typically occupies between half and full capacity of a 48’ or 53’ trailer. If you are shipping cross-border, the limit is 45,000 pounds.

This mode of freight is usually delivered on the same trailer it got picked up in, travels as the lone shipment on the trailer, and is generally used when shippers want their shipment in a trailer by itself because their freight is time-sensitive or it is more cost-effective than other options.


How does Focus West Logistics provide FTL services?

Our network of reliable carriers, expertise, and use of advanced technologies work hand-in-hand to offer customers instant, competitive and transparent pricing; consistent and dependable capacity; real-time tracking updates; exceptional customer service; and a wealth of information to analyze the entire shipping process.

Our internal process leverages multiple best practices in the industry to provide clients with the best rate, including using multiple carriers, understanding tariffs, and keeping freight dimensions in mind. Our team of experienced freight experts will gladly work with you and offer help throughout the whole process.


What are the advantages of using FTL shipping?

  • Control: You’ve got full control of the truck since your shipment is the only one on the truck. You can make changes to your delivery since you are in full control with FTL shipping.
  • Faster: Freight moved by full truckload typically has faster transit times because they typically stay in one trailer and are sent directly to the destination (compared to the routing and consolidation process of LTL)
  • Cost-effective: When you have a shipment large enough to occupy an entire trailer, you could get a better rate than booking multiple LTL shipments.
  • Secure: Truckload shipments has lower chance of damage because they are handled less times than LTL shipments.


What are features that influence my FTL shipping rates?

Although less complex than LTL shipping, there are still several considerations that go into truckload shipping that helps ensure a great rate. The reason you look for a great partner like Focus West Logistics is so that you have the confidence in knowing your logistical needs are taken care of, and at the best price on the market.

The main influences for truckload shipping would be the destination and dimensions, which have a direct impact on rates. For example, a longer distance typically leads to a higher price. A special consideration for destinations would need to be specified where locations have limited access for carriers, such as rural locations, strip malls, and construction sites.


What are the different types of Trucking Equipment that is served with FTL shipping?

Moving a truckload typically means you have a dedicated trailer to yourself, so there will be no exceptions with the type of equipment that you can use. The more widely used trailers are dry vans and flatbeds, but there could be special circumstances regarding your freight that should be examined by a logistics expert like Focus West Logistics.

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