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    What is Dry Van Shipping?

    Dry van shipping is a type of trucking transportation service that uses fully enclosed trailers to ship goods and are are very effective at protecting freight from the elements.

    The trailers are commonly known as dry vans because they are not refrigerated, and are suitable for transporting goods that don’t require temperature-controlled conditions.

    Dry van shipping is often used for long-haul transportation of goods and is a reliable and efficient way to transport items across North America.

    Reasons to Use Dry Van Shipping:

    There are several reasons why companies choose to use dry van shipping:

    • To transport goods over long distances

    • To save costs compared to more specialized forms of shipping

    • To transport goods that don’t require temperature control

    • To transport goods that are not perishable

    Dry Van Trailers Are One Of The Most Affordable Shipping Options

    Using a dry van trailer can reduce shipping costs compared to other types of shipping methods, such as air freight, due to the lower costs of ground transportation.

    However, the cost of shipping with a dry van will vary based on the distance, weight and size of the goods being transported, and the cost of fuel.

    Dry Van Trailers can be used for either Less-Than-Truckload or Full-truckload shipping methods.

    Dry van shipping is a type of trucking transportation service that uses fully enclosed trailers to ship goods and are are very effective at protecting freight from the elements.

    Top 3 Benefits of Dry Van Shipping

    There are several benefits of dry van shipping:

    1. The Reliability of Dryvan

    Dry van shipping is one of the most dependable and efficient method of transportation. They are the most common trailer types for moving freight in the entire trucking industry.

    2. The Cost-effectiveness of Dry Vans

    Dry van shipping is often more cost-effective than other types of shipping. They can handle a vide variety of freight and shipments that need to travel long-distances and are very economical for companies looking to transport their goods routinely and securely across the country or entire North American continent..

    3. The Versatility of Dry Vans

    Dry vans can be used to transport a wide variety of goods, from furniture and appliances to non-perishable food items. For goods that need to cooled, you can find Dry Vans with cooling units or for goods that requires heating, you can also find specialized dry vans that have insulated walls.

    What Is a Dry Van Trailer Commonly Used To Ship?

    A dry van trailer is used to ship goods that do not require temperature control. 

    Common items shipped using a dry van include:

    Furniture, Appliances, Building materials, Non-perishable food items, Consumable commodities, Carry palletized goods, Household goods, or Hazardous materials shipping

    What Are Dry Van Trailers Not Suited To Haul?

    Dry van trailers are suited to haul goods that require do not temperature control, as a dry van truck are not refrigerated. If you need to transport perishable goods, you may need to consider using a reefer trailer instead.

    Dry van haul consumable commodities but cannot handle oversized shipments or loose freight. Most shipments in a dry van are palletized and not “loose” for easier loading and unloading at the shipping lane.

    Undecided between a Dry Van vs. Refrigerated Trailer?

    Simply put: If your goods require temperature control, you should choose a reefer trailer. A reefer trailer is a refrigerated trailer that has temperature control. If your goods do not require temperature control, a dry van is the more cost-effective option.

    What Are Reefer Truck Unsuitable For Shipping?

    Refrigerated trucks, also known as reefer trucks, are unsuitable for shipping goods that do not require temperature control. They are specifically designed to transport perishable goods that require a controlled environment. Perishable items such as food and medical goods usually require a reefer truck.

    What you need to know about 53-foot trailers (dry vans)?

    53-foot dry van trailers are the largest size of dry van trailers and are commonly used for long-haul transportation of goods.

    They offer more space for cargo compared to smaller trailers and are therefore a popular choice for shipping large or bulky items.

    They are the most common semi-trailer types for moving freight in the entire trucking industry.

    One dry van trailer can hold between 26-30 pallets, depending on the pallet size.

    53′ Dry Van Dimensions And Specifications

    The dimensions of a 53-foot dry van trailer are:

    • Length: 53 feet

    • Width: 102 inches

    • Height: 110 inches

    • Empty weight: 33,000 to 36,000 lbs

    • Capacity: approximately 48,000 lbs (approximately 22,000 kg)

    • Floor: wood floor

    • Optionally: may be a cooling unit or temperature controlled (reefer truck).

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